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2018: Thank you

2018: Thank you

(This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure.

I want to thank everyone who made Girl’s Guide to Project Management possible this year. It is a long list but many people help keep this website online. We are grateful to…
Companies that allow me review their software
These companies asked me to review their software for the year.
Genius Project
CornerThought Software

I interviewed people
We are grateful for everyone who took the time to interview us. This group has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and advice.
Keith Rickman
Koviljka Lukic
Natalie Steck
Emma Seaton-Smith
Sivera – Mayte Mata
Donna Unitt
Elise Stevens
Frances Place
Bill Dow
Geoff Crane
Simon Harris
Dr. Mike Clayton
Todd Williams
Colin Ellis

People who invited me to speak at their events
The following groups invited me to speak at their events.
Future Assistant Conference
APM Project Management Conference

People who contributed guest articles
Everybody who contributed an article to my blog deserves a huge thank you. We are so grateful.
Tzvi Tucker: Why you should schedule around people and not tasks
Nick Nuss, How to Lead Your Manager
Melissa Lobo, 10 Reasons why teamwork is important in project management
Laura Copas, Steve Sewell. The Trouble with Methodologies and Why Frameworks are Better
Laura Brandenburg, Business Analyst & Project Manager Relationships: Collaborate for Success
Luis Peluffo: How Eric got a job as a PM (and how you too can)
Dr. Mike Clayton, 6 Simple Strategies to Manage Workplace Risk and Group Thought
Andy Kaufman, How to Be Assertive at Work (Nicely).
Simon Harris, How to Delegate Tasks With More Confidence And Less Stress

Thank you to the publishers and authors who sent me books to enjoy
I didn’t have much time this year to review books but I was able squeeze this one in.
Jack Risos and Ace The PMP Examination

Our wonderful sponsors
Blogging is expensive. Many people don’t realize this. Advertisers and sponsors can help offset the cost of web hosting, firewalls, virus management software, and email systems. I am grateful for the support of all our sponsors over the past year. I have been able to share my ideas and inspiration with them.
Ravetree, Genius Project and Simplilearn are our grateful thanks for their support over the past year.
A few words of appreciation to you.
Thank you to the BCS Team for publishing my book, Project Manager this year
My Rebel group is an inspiration to my
Jon, Jack, Oliver

To you, my readers, last but not least. My readers, thank you so much for reading, keeping in touch via Email and joining the conversation in our Facebook Group.

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