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Amazon SES now has dedicated IP pools for mass e-mails. Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), users can now send large volumes of e mails via this new option. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers bulk messaging, recently added the ability to set up “dedicatedIP pools” which gives users more control over which types and IP addresses are sent which e-mails. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations that send a variety of e mails, such as transactional emails and marketing emails. Amazon SES users could not previously control which IP addresses could be used to send specific e-mail types. AWS announced the new feature in a blog post. “By using dedicated IP pool, you can isolate sender reputations to each of these types communication,” the AWS blog stated. “Using dedicated IP pool gives you complete control over sender reputations for the dedicated IP addresses that you lease from Amazon SES.” [Click on the image to see a larger version.] Amazon SES users now have the ability to group IP addresses into groups called “pools”. Source: AWS blog post. Many Amazon SES users send bulk e-mails from an IP address that’s shared by other AWS users. Individuals who send large numbers of e-mails, such as hundreds of thousands per day, can purchase a dedicated IP address. This allows them to have complete control over their sender reputation. Each dedicated IP address costs $24.95 a month. Users with multiple dedicated IP addresses can now group them together using dedicated IP pools. This allows them to better suit their e-mail needs and makes management easier. You can create pools from multiple dedicated IP addresses you lease to Amazon SES. Each pool can then be associated with a configuration group. AWS stated that if you send an email specifying a configuration set, it will be sent from the IP addresses within the associated pool. AWS’ Virginia and Oregon regions currently have the ability to create dedicated IP pools. Related:

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