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Alturas Homes: How They Manage 40+ Projects per year

Alturas Homes: How They Manage 40+ Projects per year

This is the first in a series of stories about how individuals, companies, or organizations can use TeamGantt to manage their projects. We have seen all types of projects managed with TeamGantt, including those from software companies, creative agencies, universities, corporations, and construction companies.
Alturas Homes is a locally-owned construction company that creates beautiful semi-custom homes and high-end custom homes in southwest Idaho.
Alturas Homes is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in construction. It has established itself as a leader in the industry and has continued to expand its reach over the years.
They have built 4-5 large custom homes, 35-40 mid-sized homes, and 5-8 large homes per year.
A company of this size would normally manage multiple projects at once. Scott Givens, one brother running the business and head on-site management for all construction projects, was our contact point to discuss how he and his team manage these projects while adhering to their budgets and schedules.
The Challenge
Scott is currently involved in several home-building projects. His main challenge is to manage their resources and keep to the production schedules.
“The problem with our product and process, is that there can be as many as 40 different users (or resource) for each project. These projects are scheduled over the course of 4-8 months. Each project, which can be as high as 40-50 per annum, will require that all resources are coordinated and ‘fit into’ the production schedule. Scott sought a solution to this problem that would visually organize and distribute the work among their subcontractors. To avoid scheduling conflicts and other problems, he needed a tool that could show exactly where each resource is at any given time over a schedule.
After searching online for the right scheduling software, he found TeamGantt.
Simplicity + Effective Resources Management
Scott was attracted to simplicity and ease of integration.
“I discovered TeamGantt online while searching for a solution to my scheduling problems. I loved the simplicity of the product. Nathan called me within hours to ask a few questions, and follow up on my experience. I signed up for a trial and was immediately contacted by Nathan. I was impressed with the product and his customer service. I quickly loaded a few job plans onto TeamGantt, and began using them for real work tasks. The product was easy to integrate with my company (6 other users) as well as simple to use. Scott loved the ability to quickly create a template and filter by resource.
“Instead of calling all our subcontractors to let them know what jobs we were going to be doing, when they would be needed, etc., I was capable to create a visual that would guide them. Scott can then print the schedule and send it off to his painting contractor, so they know exactly what he is working on for each job.
Scott quickly put TeamGantt to use on real, ongoing construction projects. The homeowners would be invited to review and adjust their production schedules, which are updated each week based upon their progress.
Subcontractors would receive their schedules in PDF format each Friday. Scott and his team have found this process to be very helpful in managing tasks, meeting deadlines, and communicating clearly.
“I am always open to discussing schedul

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