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Amazon Stress Tests Snowball Edge Storage Device with Explosives

Amazon Stress Tests Snowball Edge Storage Device with Explosives

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), tested its Snowball Edge data storage/transfer device in an unusual way: with explosives.
AWS placed the device on a floating barge, and then detonated underwater explosives underneath it in a YouTube video that is 1:21. The device passed the test.
Snowball is used for large data volumes to Amazon S3 storage. AWS called the AWS Snowmobile last year, and it was able to outgrow the data transfer device by using a 45-foot-long truck.
According to the Snowball Edge’s website, it can transfer up 100TB of data and provide on-board storage and computing capabilities.
The video description states that AWS Snowball Edge, a durable and secure data transport solution that speeds up the migration of terabytes or petabytes data into and from AWS, was introduced at reInvent 2016. The Snowball Edge was subject to a test according to the MIL-S-901D standard in order to demonstrate its physical ruggedness.
Wikipedia states that “Mil-S-901D” is a military specification for high impact mechanical shock, which applies to equipment mounted to ships.
The barge test is an excellent testing method. “Qualification testing can be performed on a specific machine or on a barge floating on a pond. An explosive charge is placed at different depths in the water to shock the barges.
Here’s the test in action

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