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ClickUp Review 2022: Top Features, Expert Opinion, + Demo Video

ClickUp Review 2022: Top Features, Expert Opinion, + Demo Video

Price: Forever free plan, paid plans start from $5/user/month Trial – 30-day free trial (with all the features included)
View ClickUp AlternativesOpens a new windowSummary
ClickUp was founded in 2016 by Alex Yurkowski, Zeb Evans and is the newest player in the world project management tools.
The founders claim that they created ClickUp to help businesses be more productive and accomplish more. They also claim that existing software was not working. ClickUp is believed to be able to increase productivity by bringing together all the tools and apps a company uses, and putting them under one roof.
Here’s how it works.
ClickUp stores everything you need for your business in one place. ClickUp makes it easy to work from one place, rather than jumping from one window to the next. All of your apps, such as chat, documents, and project management, are kept in one place.
ClickUp is a tool that allows companies of any size to organize their projects in charts. It also allows them to collaborate in real time with editable documents and track productivity through analytics and reporting. ClickUp also offers customization. ClickUp allows teams to customize everything, from the web page branding to the project funnels within their workspaces.
ClickUp is also growing in popularity. ClickUp is used by over 200,000 teams to plan their projects.
ClickUp’s dashboard – the hub of all toolPrice:Forever free plan, paid plans starting at $5/user/month
Trial: 30-day free trial (with all the features included)
View ClickUp AlternativesOpens a new windowTable of contents
Pros and cons
Expert Opinion
Best Use Cases
Demo Video
Support & Deployment
Best Reviews
Final Verdict
Pros and cons
Great for solopreneurs

Easy-to-use dashboards that can be customized by users

Model available in freemium that includes most features

The tool is easy to use and simple to navigate

All team sizes are affordable

Onboarding is quick and easy with lots of customization options and features.

Self-managed onboarding is not ideal for enterprise teams.

Expert Opinion
Since ClickUp’s debut in the project management software market, I have wanted to review it.
It’s difficult to be unique in the field of project management software. All tools have the same goal (make teams more productive, organized), so there are often differences in pricing and user interface.
ClickUp is different. ClickUp was founded by two people who didn’t believe that existing project management software was suitable for teams. They believed that the software on the market was either too complex and too complicated, or too simple and didn’t help businesses stay productive.
ClickUp has succeeded in what it set out, which is to make a tool that helps businesses stay organized.
Let’s take ClickUp as an example. The software is free for teams with low budgets or no budgets. They can work remotely, track task progress and plan product launches. These features can be combined with other tools in project management, so companies will need to pay for a paid tier. ClickUp is proud of this.
However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any downsides to the tool.
ClickUp is a hybrid tool that allows you to manage projects and organize your workflow. It’s not surprising that ClickUp can be complicated. ClickUp’s flexibility allows companies to customize it to meet their specific needs. However, this customization comes with a steep learning curve. This is even mentioned by the tool’s Onboarding Guide!
ClickUp should not be a deterrent.
I don’t believe so. The tool has a lot of features, and the (very generous) freemium tier.

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