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How to deal with Network Failures+

How to deal with Network Failures+

You might have thought that the CompTIA Network+ would make it easy for you as an entry-level cert. It wasn’t, and you failed. CompTIA does not release pass rate statistics for any certifications. It’s difficult to know if you’re among the few.
Network+ is considered to be far more difficult than A+. Network+ is considered to be more difficult than the A+.
Even if you have failed before, the difficulty level is dependent on your experience. “Entry-level” does not necessarily mean “easy.” It simply means that everyone has to do it. Keep reading and take heart. We’ll show you how to get back up for Round 2.
Check out What Went Wrong
You’ll be able see which CompTIA Network+ exam objectives are your strongest and which ones you need to improve upon by printing out your results. It might disappoint you that each correct or incorrect answer is not provided in greater detail. It’s not worth worrying about the details, as the questions may change from one round to the next.
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Start training. Take note of the objectives that gave you difficulty and create a plan to return to those areas as soon possible. Network+ test-takers who failed to pass the exam reported that they spent too much time on one topic, such as subnetting. The majority of the exam was not about the topics they had put in the most effort.
It’s better to be able to understand a few things about each exam objective than a lot about a few. You should know as much as possible about all the exam objectives. However, this is a good rule-of-thumb especially if you aren’t sure which one to focus on.
Even though you might be asked completely different questions next year, you can make it easier in the future by strengthening your weak points now, based on your past experience and the wisdom gained from hindsight.
Explore Different Study Materials
You worked hard and even memorized every port according its protocol. Great! We hate to ask but… Did you overstudy? Network+ questions can be situation-based. This means that you might not always choose the best answer in a given situation.
These are the so-called trick question. They can have two or three correct answers, making them very tricky. There is only one correct or most efficient answer.
These questions may seem unfair, but they have a purpose. These questions are meant to discredit the most educated students and encourage those with common sense and practical logic to take their place. You’ll need both in real-world situations.
Consider this: If you thought the exam language was confusing in some places, imagine how confusing it can be for you to diagnose a real network problem that has been told you by a non-techie client or colleague.
Consider other training methods, as there is a difference between knowing the material and applying it in a given situation. This will give you a different perspective on the same theory to help you answer these questions.
You may also find other study methods and techniques useful for Network+, such as:
Learn from videos of trusted experts (that’s us!)
Simulating with an online tool, or in your home lab
Short Courses and Training Workshops in Real-Life
Network+ Practice Exams & Test Questions

Although IT learners are known for being stubborn when it comes down to self-study methods, it may be a good idea to humble yourself before CompTIA gods and seek professional help.
Get More Experience
While theory is important and provides the foundation, networks in the real world can get quite messy.
Network+ is, after all, a network

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