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How to encourage seamless communication among your remote team

How to encourage seamless communication among your remote team

How can you build trust in a team scattered across continents? Mutual trust can only be built when communication barriers are removed. I have learned that working with a team of talented, open-minded, and friendly people has made me realize how fun work can be, even when times are difficult. We share our feelings and thoughts, and are always willing to help someone who is struggling. We’ve all been there, so helping one another is a natural human response. This is what we strive for. It can be difficult to manage a team of people who are working closely together in an office and encourage them to build trust and openness into their relationships. One person may be in an emotional crisis, another may have a different set of interests than their current engagement, while another might be too involved in office gossips. It can be difficult to sync all your team members and win their trust. But it is definitely worth it. Imagine working with a team that is spread all over the globe. It’s difficult to get to know people and understand their willingness to work hard for the vision and goals you have. We’ve made some mistakes and had to learn from them. It’s not about how they work but how much time they actually spend on the actual work. This is what makes working in virtual teams exciting and challenging. You can create a sense of community and create a work environment that encourages creativity and promotes innovation. This equilibrium can only be achieved by learning to communicate effectively with each other even if you live miles apart. ActiveCollab uses Slack as a virtual watercooler. It is a place that keeps us connected to work, play, and everything in between. We can chat with each other every day and upload files. The problem with Slack, however, is that the information we exchange is scattered and difficult to track down. Because information is scattered across many channels and groups, we spend a lot of time searching for it or finding it. This can lead to frustration and more stress, especially when working in a virtual team. We wanted one place where all data, feedback, and discussions would be safe and accessible to both remote and in-house teams. We did it! ActiveCollab was created to help everyone stay in sync. ActiveCollab makes it easy for remote teams to communicate easily by inviting them to join a project. Invite your team members to join a project
First, create an ActiveCollab Project. Next, invite all relevant people to join the ActiveCollab project and subscribe them for specific tasks. Once they become a part of the project they will be able see all activities and any changes to the tasks. Communicate, discuss, and share documents easily
This central location allows them to communicate easily and have separate discussions in the event of pressing issues. They can leave comments, edit them, and most importantly, they don’t have to worry about losing them. If comments turn into a discussion, you can simply move them to a Discussion section. This gives you a preview and helps your team synchronize and coordinate their thoughts. Your team should be collaborating.

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