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How to Keep Control of Your Projects During the Festive Period

How to Keep Control of Your Projects During the Festive Period

No matter what industry you work for, the end-of-the year and the festive season can be stressful for you and your team. Either projects will be completed as the year ends or you’ll be trying to resume regular work hours while we all have other things to do. There will be a decrease in staff hours and the unavoidable national bank holidays.
The holiday season is a time when many people say goodbye to their sanity. It seems inevitable that we will work 12+ hours a day, but many of us realize that it doesn’t have be all or nothing. Your personal life and business do not need to be sacrificed during the holidays. It all comes down to having the right attitude.
These tips can help you stay organized during this busy holiday season.
Do not feel guilty about saying no
First, it’s more than okay to say “no”. We are all not fans of turning down business and many of us will jump at the chance to lead a new and exciting project to improve our self-worth and to expand our career opportunities. All of this said, it can seem like turning down work is a step in the wrong directions. However, adding an additional assignment to your work schedule could reduce the quality of your work and put pressure on your team.
This is something you should avoid during the Christmas season. You don’t want your team to feel deprived because it is a shorter month. This time of year is crucial for team and company morale. Make sure you nurture your in-house environment as best as possible.
Low team morale during the festive period can make your team feel underappreciated. This can lead to resentment and a feeling of being unappreciated.
Think about postponing any new business you are considering to sign before the New Year. Your honesty and professionalism as a forward-thinking professional will be appreciated by your potential client.
Manage Client Expectations
Clients are also important. Our clients are no exception to the busy season of the festive season. Client communication can be difficult during such demanding times. There are so many other things to consider, it is easy to forget to communicate your progress to your client.
Communication with your client about the little things can help to avoid further frustration during this mad period. As mentioned, most of your clients will celebrate in a similar manner to you. It is likely that clients will be more open to minor delays if you have warned them in advance.
Your clients will feel at ease if you keep them informed about how you plan to manage their projects. This will create a positive working relationship from the beginning.
Temporary staff
Due to the demands of Christmas, and depending on your industry, additional work may be required around this time. Additional staff may be needed for holiday openings, advertising campaigns, and marketing campaigns. Temporary staff can prove invaluable. However, don’t get discouraged by their inexperience or lack of knowledge about your business or the project they are required to assist with. They can help you to keep up with extra work and can be a great resource for filling in the gaps between your regular working hours.

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