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How to prepare for the ITIL Foundation Exam Testpreptraining Blog

How to prepare for the ITIL Foundation Exam Testpreptraining Blog

There are some powerful, yet simple techniques that you can use to ensure you don’t forget anything when you prepare for the ITIL Foundation Certification exam. Many candidates read books to prepare for certification, and then are disappointed when they fail to pass the exam. Realistically, the information in the exam is only part of the preparation that candidates need to do to pass their certification exams.
We’ll be sharing all the resources we have available to you in this article. We will also give you tips and tricks to help you prepare for the exam. Let’s first look at the exam details. This will help you to focus even better.
All Exam Details Here!
Jump-starting preparation for certification exams may not be the best idea. It is important to take a look at all information regarding the certification exam and the exam details. This professional exam is why it is so important to review every detail. There are no prerequisites to pass this exam as it is a foundation-level exam. This will allow you to prepare while keeping exam details in your mind.
An Overview of ITIL Foundation Examination (Version 4).
Axelos releases new modules to its latest version, also known as ITIL, every day. The new version, called ITIL 4, was launched in February 2019. Axelos has also released the ITIL 4 Management Professional Transition Module. This module offers professionals of all experience levels a variety of certification paths.
The ITIL 4 Foundation certification allows candidates to get an introduction to ITIL 4. It allows them to view IT service management from an end-to-end operational model. These services include the creation, delivery, and continuous improvement of tech-enabled services and products.
The ITIL certification is beneficial for many candidates.
Candidates who do not have a basic understanding about ITIL will be disqualified.
Second, candidates who want to learn how ITIL can help to improve IT service management
IT professionals and other candidates working in an organization that has adopted ITIL are also eligible.
Basic Exam Details
There are 40 multiple-choice questions. The candidate must pass the ITIL exam within 60 minutes. To qualify, candidates must score at least 65%. For more information, see the table below.
Exam Concepts of ITIL
It is also important to know the basics of ITIL concepts. ITIL is composed of five core components. Below are some key concepts/principles for ITIL.
Customers receive maximum value
Optimizing resources and capabilities
Services that are reliable and useful
Plan processes with specific goals
Define roles clearly for each task.
ITIL Key Terms
When preparing for the ITIL certifications, it is important to be aware of key terms. These terms are:
An association’s functional skills or abilities are those that allow them to create value.
A group of individuals that are self-contained and have been assigned specific tasks. They usually take the form of a group or individuals and the tools they use.
A structured set of activities that are designed to achieve a specific goal. These are the four main characteristics of processes:
They transform inputs into outputs.
They deliver results to a particular customer or stakeholder.
They are also measurable.
They can also be triggered by certain events
The raw materials that are used to create a service, such money, equipment, and staff.
Defined groups of responsibilities and privileges. Roles can be held

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