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Learning Project Management

Learning Project Management

I completed my project management degree at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I have approximately 10 years of experience as a PM and BA in process and IT projects for large companies. I thought I knew everything.
The first part of my degree consolidated my knowledge through the PMI framework. Gaps were filled and details that I knew but didn’t know were clarified. It was all practical and pragmatic training.
My learning process changed as I went through the three-year degree. I learned less from the academic staff, and more from my structured reading program and discussions with other experienced students. students.
What I noticed was that I was setting the boundaries for the learning paths I would pursue. Exams and assignments were tools to help me focus and guide me.
I was very satisfied with my degree when I finished it, and now I teach the subject at a different university as part an IT degree.
One thing I notice about students is that they start the subject with the intention of passing the exam to get the degree. Many students quickly find a passion for the subject and decide to explore the topic further.
That is what I find rewarding. Thank you, students.

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