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Nexmo Contributes via AWS Cloud to Enhanced SMS Messaging

Nexmo Contributes via AWS Cloud to Enhanced SMS Messaging

Nexmo, a global communications company, announced that it was partnering with Amazon Web Services Inc. to provide worldwide SMS text messaging via the Amazon Simple Notification Service.
“Nexmo’s cloud communications platform extends and facilitates the innovative capabilities within the Amazon SNS suite to help satisfy the growing demand for SMS-based communications from customers around the globe,” the company stated in a statement last Wednesday.
The company stated that AWS is collaborating with Nexmo because of Nexmo’s global reach and quality assurance, as well as the ability to send billions every day, “the company said. “Nexmo, with 650 carriers worldwide, has one of the most extensive networks and the infrastructure to address any technical, regional, or compliance-related limitations in communications around the globe. Nexmo’s patented Adaptive Routing algorithm continuously tracks millions of data points to determine the fastest and most reliable route for delivering messages.
The collaboration resulted a recent expansion in Amazon SNS, which was described in blog post on AWS Mobile Development site.
Arjun Cholkar, AWS’s director of SMS delivery, stated that “Worldwide SMS delivery” means that you can now send SMS messages directly to mobile phones in more than 200 countries. “SNS also allows default ‘opt in’ for recipient phone numbers. This opens up more options for SMS messages, including those required for multi-factor authentication (MFA), or one-time passcodes.
This post will outline the capabilities of AWS and the new enhanced service. It is marked by global support, as opposed to the U.S.-only functionality. It is also available in more regions and includes the opt-in capability. There are many other improvements.
AWS offers a rich set services for developers to build mobile applications that are secure and robust. This includes Identity, Sync and Serverless Backends, as well as APIs,” Simon Poile, AWS executive, stated in the Nexmo statement. We are happy to work with Nexmo to help mobile developers reach their customers via text messaging, which is still one of the most used forms of communication around the globe. AWS can offer these capabilities through a single API. This makes it easy for developers and users to add such capability into their mobile apps.

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