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How Online Part-Time Graduate Daniel Clancy Landed His Full-Time Dream Job

How Online Part-Time Graduate Daniel Clancy Landed His Full-Time Dream Job

Laid-off Web Developer
Knowledge and skills in the back end and database areas are lacking

After Dojo:
As a software developer and now as a front end engineer
You can learn anything and grasp new technologies with ease

Program: Online Part Time Bootcamp
Career Satisfaction Prior: 6/10
Career Satisfaction After: 10/10
“Coding Dojo taught me not only how to code full-stack, but also how to be a self-sufficient developer.” Although I didn’t know everything, I was able to learn everything after attending the Dojo.
Please tell us a bit about yourself. What were you doing professionally before the bootcamp?
I am 30 years old. My hobbies include spending time with my family, and creating things. I enjoy creating, whether it’s woodworking, building legos, or a beautiful garden and yard. Prior to the bootcamp I was a Web Developer who had been laid off.
Why did you choose to enroll in a bootcamp for coding?
I was recently laid off and wanted to expand my coding skills. I was able to do front-end development, but I wanted to master back-end coding and databases in order to become a full-fledged developer.
How was your bootcamp experience? What parts were easy and what did you struggle with?
My bootcamp experience was incredible. Because I had been laid off I was able fully commit time and effort to this program and completed it 6 weeks before my deadline. I found the bootcamp to be quite easy, but the.NET exam was a little difficult. I did not earn my red belt.
Do you have any funny stories to share about bootcamp? Make friends! Do you have fond memories?
My.NET instructor decided he wanted Linux and wiped his computer. He then installed it and had to learn as he went. It was also really cool to find out that the job I got after finishing the bootcamp also hired a Chicago campus Coding Dojo graduate a year later.
How did your job search go? What was your first job after graduation, and where did it land?
It was difficult to find a job as a junior developer after graduation. I applied to over 100 companies, but only two of them offered me a job. I was eventually offered a job at the Radiological Society of North America.
Please share your career story with us. If applicable, tell us where you went after your first job.
After working at RSNA for a little more than two years, I decided it was time to look for a new job. It took me about a month to submit 25 applications before I was able get a job at Red Shelf, Chicago, IL. The starting salary was six-figures. I was beyond thrilled.
What do you think the skills you have learned at Coding Dojo have done for you in the workplace? How did they help you advance your career?
Coding Dojo taught me not only how to code full stack, but also how to be a self-sufficient developer. Although I didn’t know everything, I was able to learn everything after attending the Dojo. I was new to RSNA’s tech stack and had never used it before I started my job. It was very difficult to learn and I was able do it quickly thanks to the skills I learned from Coding Dojo.
What advice would you give to others interested in coding bootcamps, or just starting one?
I advise you to do your research and fully understand what you are getting into. Although anyone can learn to code, it is not for everyone. Although the curriculum is rigorous and there is a lot of expectation for self-learning beyond what is taught it is very rewarding at the end.
What are your future goals/dreams, in five or ten years?
I hope to become a Principal Engineer in medical support or research within 5-10 years. I want to build the tools that doctors and researchers use to create the next generation of care and treatment. We offer online and onsite courses as well as part-time and complete-time online courses. We offer scholarships, financing options, and other tuition assistance programs to help with financial barriers. There is no better time to invest in your future and yourself than now! Click this link to schedule a 15 minute exploratory session with one our Admissions representatives.

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