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How to Prepare for IIBA Agile Analysis (IIBA(r),-AAC) Exam) Blog

How to Prepare for IIBA Agile Analysis (IIBA(r),-AAC) Exam) Blog

The IIBA Agile Analysis Certification, which is the most sought-after certificate, tests the candidate’s ability use agile practices and approaches throughout the industry. The survival of the fittest is a key aspect of any industry’s success. These certifications are a vital part of professional life. These certifications not only allow you to be more successful than others, but also show your passion and determination to reach your goals. A person who is skilled in his area of expertise is a preferred choice for any organization. A person who is proficient in a particular job will be more productive and effective for an organization’s success. Let’s learn more about IIBA-AAC Exam.
This article will give you all the information about the IIBA Agile Analysis Certification. We will discuss the eligibility criteria, cost, exam patterns, and, most importantly, the resources that can be used to prepare for this exam. You have reached the right place. Continue reading until the end to find all the information necessary for the IIBA Agile Analytic Certification exam. Let’s get started.
What is IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA-AAC))?
This certification by IIBA Agile Analysis focuses on applying an agile mindset towards the fundamental knowledge, competencies and techniques of business analysis. The IIBA-AAC certification recognizes your ability and willingness to execute agile analysis work. This certification gives potential employers a better indication of your skills and abilities. These certifications will be tested on the following:
Agile Mindset – 30 %
Strategy Horizon – 10%
Initiative Horizon – 25%
Delivery Horizon – 35%
The details of the course outline will be discussed later in this article. Let’s now get to the details of the IIBA Agile Analysis Certification.
Exam Pattern for IIBA AAC
The IIBA Agile Analysis Certification will have 85 multiple-choice scenario-based questions. They must be answered within 120 minutes. The IIBA AAC certification costs $ 250 for members and $ 375 to non-members. The cost of membership varies depending on where you live and can range from $55 to $125. Although Agile Analysis certification does not have any prerequisites, IIBA recommends it to BA professionals with at least two years of Agile-related experience.
Exam Details
Name of the examIIBA Certified in Agile Analysis CertificationNo. Questions asked85Time allowed120 MinutesCost of the exam$250 to members and $375 to non-membersNegative marksNoNow, take a look at the certification process and the registration for the IIBA Agile Analysis Certificate.
Certification process
Step 1 – Buy Your Exam
First, log in to the IIBA Store with your credentials and select Certification >My Certifications.
Next, click on the Apply button.
After paying for the exam, an email will be sent to confirm your purchase. An email will also contain information about Next Steps – Completion of Your Attestations.
Step 2 – Sign your Attestations
To access your IIBA Portal, follow the link in your Next Steps-Complete your Attestations email. Click on the Get Started button to complete the attestations to the Code of Conduct. During this step you can decide if you consent to your information being made public, upon your certification. This section is located in the Certified Registries section on the IIBA website.
Step 3 – Schedule your exam and pass it
Next, select the Get started button to schedule your exam.
Let’s now look at the most important part of IIBA Agile Analytic Certification exam: the syllabus details.
Course Outline IIBA Agile Analysis Certificate (IIBA(r),-AAC).
The industry requires the exam to be in high demand.

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