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The Story of Haroon Arrasheed, Chicago Alumni: From System Admin to Salesforce Engineer

The Story of Haroon Arrasheed, Chicago Alumni: From System Admin to Salesforce Engineer

Master’s degree is in Information Systems
Worked as a barber and in IT
Unsatisfied by his career

After Dojo:
He was a person who had grit and determination and was not afraid of failing.
Triple Red Belt in Python and C#/.NET.
Cognixia USA offered me a job as a Salesforce Developer and Administrator.

Program: Three full-stack bootcamps in Chicago, ILTestimonial : “It was a good struggle. It was great networking. You can find some satisfaction after some frustration, and then you can repeat the process.
What were you doing professionally before the bootcamp?
I was a STEM Integration Specialist, Program Director in IT Education, High-School IT Teacher, and a barber. I have always loved technology and so I earned a Masters in Information Systems. I was then a Network Administrator because I love configuring things and getting stuck. It’s exciting when a configuration works. I love to cut hair and practice my skills by watching videos on YouTube and Instagram. It’s like an artist perfecting his craft!
Why did you choose to enroll in a bootcamp for coding?
I loved the laid-back attitude and freedom that coders had while working in tech. They were treated like royalty because they could work remotely, wear jeans, shorts, and sandals to work, as well as the highest pay. I was also impressed by the way developers solved problems. I regret not paying more attention to my coding classes. I was also unhappy in my current job and wanted to change. I tried to learn by myself and took classes at local community college, but I was too busy to complete homework or do projects. I needed a full-day program like a coding bootcamp. There were always bootcamps for Cisco Certifications and Microsoft Certifications on the computer networking side of IT. But then I started searching for coding bootcamps.
What were your fears and doubts that prevented you from enrolling? How did you overcome them?
I was unsure about quitting my job for the bootcamp, as I didn’t know if it was worth it. In the end, I decided to resign for a different reason. Instead of searching for work in one of my previous areas, I decided this was the right time to learn code. I was also concerned that learning code in a bootcamp would be the same as how I was taught at college or university. It was boring, dull, and uninteresting. I was able to overcome my fears by researching bootcamps, and also my visit at Coding Dojo.
What was the secret to Coding Dojo’s success? Why did you choose Coding Dojo over other programs?
Coding Dojo taught three full stacks. Becky, the Program Manager, was extremely helpful in communicating with me, inviting me to an Open House, following up, and so on. I felt very comfortable spending a few hours at the Dojo, having lunch with students, and watching Instructor Ryan and Instructor Adrian teach. The financing option that was offered to me was a great help.
How was it to prepare for bootcamp? How did you prepare for the bootcamp?
I was nervous, excited, and all the above. About a week and half after I applied, the first day of bootcamp began. Although it was nerve-wracking, it gave me the confidence to start and not be too critical of my decision. I read reviews about bootcamps to prepare. I found some negative reviews, but they helped me make my decision.
Talk us through the first few weeks of the program. Which parts were your favorites? What parts were difficult?
The first few weeks were both exciting and frightening! I liked that Web Fundamentals was held in one room, while the other classes were spread out in open areas. I would have been scared to start daily algos immediately. It was also a great feeling to be able to move from the Web Fundamentals area to the main area where Python and C# were being taught.
What were your strategies for overcoming the difficulties you faced?
Being on-time was the main struggle for me. I was close to Indiana so it was difficult to commute. I would arrive at algo time, so I didn’t get too late. I struggled with the syntax of programming. Sometimes I would stay late to learn more about coding logic, syntax, and objectives. I would also ask my teachers, classmates, and classmates who were further along than I was. The main obstacle I was able to overcome was when I failed Python. I was so disappointed in my self. I have taken many classes in the past, but never failed any. My second attempt at Python gave me a better understanding of the language and the coding process. I found that I relaxed more when I went back to the course. I treated it as if I had just started the course, and I completed all assignments and projects again. I took the test at

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