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Which one suits me best? PMP vs PRINCE2 or CAPM?

Which one suits me best? PMP vs PRINCE2 or CAPM?

According to Project Management Institutions (PMI), project management is about applying knowledge and skills using the associated strategies to control, organize, and oversee the resource allocation process to manage the project effectively.
Project Management Institution offers exams that help individuals get certified in a variety of project management courses. PMP, PMI, PMI, PMI, PMI PBA, PMI RMP, PMI, PMI, CAPM are some of the most popular certifications offered by the project management institution. These certifications are useful for those who want to develop a career in the project management industry. These certifications help individuals distinguish themselves from their peers in the project management sector.
To choose the right career path within the project management sector, one must be familiar with the pros and cons of each certification so that he can make the right decision and follow the path that suits his needs. People who are interested in project management are often confused about which certification to obtain among PRINCE2, CAPM, and PMP. These certifications are all part of the project management field, but they are still different. It is important to fully understand the professional uses of each certification before you make your decision.
Below is a comparison of three major certifications, such as PMP and PRINCE2, to help you decide which certification is best for you. Let’s first look at each certification.
CAPM stands for Certified Associate Project Management. This is the most basic certification in project management. This course is recommended for those who are just starting their career in project management. This course is usually for those who want to improve their skills and expand their scope of implementations. Many people take this course and then work on multiple projects simultaneously. It helps individuals to understand and build strong project management foundations which will help you stand out from other candidates.
PMP stands for Project Management Professional. This course was offered by many national and international institutions who are involved in project management. Globally, PMP certification is important. PMP certification is useful for understanding the strategies and methodologies used in project management across the globe. PMP certification is more comprehensive than CAPM. It also allows for greater practical implementation. This course aids individuals in rapid improvement of their skills. This course is very popular in the USA, Europe, Asia.
PRINCE2 stands to Certify Project In Controlled Environment. This certification is different than other types of certifications because it is a process-based certification that helps individuals understand the steps involved in managing any project from its conception to completion. Individuals will be able to create templates and procedures. This course focuses on the project and the theories that go with it. This course was originally administered by APMG and is very popular in Europe and Australia. This course will give you the best practical implementations and practices for all types of projects.
= Global Demand
When we evaluate PMI, then we see that the area of this course is rapidly expanding in the United Kingdom. PRINCE2 has a strong foothold in the UK. Many project managers don’t know that UK companies prefer individuals with PRINCE2 certification. If the company is small, new, or has fewer employees than other companies, they will likely choose PRINCE2 certified employees. They want someone who is reliable in project management. This data varies from one region to the next. A PMP or CAPM-certified individual in the US has a higher chance of being selected than someone who is PRINCE2. The data from 2015 shows that 61% of project management professionals have PRINCE2, 37% have the PMP certification, and only 2% have the CAPM certifications.
= Post Certification
CAPM certification recognizes your dedication to the profession of project managing. CAPM certifications indicate that you are a good manager of time and resources. It helps individuals to build a strong project management foundation which will help them in the long-term. It is not recommended for all types of organizations. Usually

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