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Are the best managers introverts, extroverts or somewhere in-between?

Are the best managers introverts, extroverts or somewhere in-between?

Managers often worry about the impact of their personality on leadership.
However, introverted leaders have been recognized and appreciated by people in recent years.
Who is the better leader, the introvert or extrovert?
The answer is no. The question raises tactical questions about how your personality might influence your leadership.
Any personality type, whether introvert, extrovert or ambivert, can be a competent and effective leader. Leadership success doesn’t depend on your personality.
Your personality can have a significant impact on your leadership style.
It is important to understand your personality as a manager so you can use it to be a better leader.
Are you an extrovert or introvert?
Here are some reasons why your style matters.
Both introverts as well as extroverts have their own advantages and disadvantages. These unique traits will help you to be a leader by understanding them and responding accordingly.
It is important to remember that introversion and extroversion are not mutually exclusive. There are many levels of introversion and extroversion.

You may act differently depending on the situation–time of day and energy level. In one situation you might display classic introverted traits, but be a total extrovert the next.
It is difficult to determine how many people are introverted or extroverted because they are fluid and scaled traits. However, most researchers agree that there are more extroverts and introverts. Between 50-74% of the population may be extroverted.

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To find out where you fall on the introversion/extroversion scale, I recommend taking a free online test.
This simple question will help you determine if you are an introvert or an extrovert.
Are these interactions a source of energy or do they drain me?
Being around people is what extroverts feel energized. A night of socializing can recharge them.
Introverts, however, feel more energy when they are alone and may feel the need for some alone time after an event.
To be a better leader, you must understand your personality type
Extrovertion or introversion are not necessarily bad things. Different personality types have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on the situation. It is important to know your personality type so that you can adapt.
When you understand where you fall on the introversion/extroversion continuum, you’re better able to improve as a leader. Let’s now discuss the benefits and disadvantages of both introverted and extroverted leaders.
This list is not complete. Importantly, I paint with broad brushstrokes. Both extroversion and introversion are complex qualities that can change depending on the context and people. Extroverts are…this and that, while introverts act…this or that way, this may not always be true. There are many “ifs,” ands, or “buts” available.
Extroverts and leadership styles
Extroverted leaders have many advantages
You are comfortable in social situations.
Extroverts have no problem jumping in to a group of people.

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