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PowerPoint 2019 Zoom Feature

PowerPoint 2019 Zoom Feature

Reading Time: 1 Minute
To understand it, first you need to see it. Then, watch the video and then continue reading!

Let me tell you how it works. There are many options when you present at a meeting. Zoom allows you to create an introduction slide that includes thumbnail images of the slides you would like to use. This will cover all options in your meeting. It creates an interactive dashboard that allows you to navigate your presentation. You can jump to a section starting from the intro slide. Once you’ve gone through all the slides, you will be taken back to the beginning. What magic is hidden in PowerPoint?
Insert > Zoom to add a Zoom.
Select Summary Zoom to summarize the entire presentation in one slide.
This new feature will be a great help to my class when reviewing for a big exam. Get your zoom on!

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