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How Breanne Johnson Embraced “Strength Through Struggle” to Launch a New Career

How Breanne Johnson Embraced “Strength Through Struggle” to Launch a New Career

As a freelance touring musician
Would like to stop traveling for work
Feeled like an imposter and feared she wouldn’t be able learn coding

After Dojo:
As a Full Stack Developer
She embraces “strength through struggle” and seeks personal breakthroughs in her skills set
Are you excited to continue your professional growth?

Program: Three Full-Stack Bootcamps in Dallas, TX
Once I knew that I wanted to be a software developer, it was the best decision I made. I came in with very little knowledge and graduated with a wealth that helped me jumpstart my career.
Please tell us about yourself. Your age, hobbies, passions and what you did (professionally) before joining the bootcamp.
I was born in Minnesota and now live in Dallas with the man I love. I’m 32 years old and my interests include music production, travel, and amateur food photography. Prior to Coding Dojo I was a touring musician who worked as a freelancer for 10 years.
Why did you choose to enroll in a bootcamp for coding?
My music career was a culmination of my interest in software. I relied heavily on music apps such as Ableton and Apple’s Logic/Mainstage for my job. After I decided that I wanted to stop travelling for work, I began to think about my options. I spoke with a few people who had made career moves and entered tech. They said it was a great industry to enter now.
What were your fears and doubts that prevented you from enrolling? How did you overcome them?
I felt like an imposter, just like many prospective students and professional developers. However, I learned a lot from school and my first job: everyone starts at ground zero, even senior developers, and you still need to Google things!
What was the secret to Coding Dojo’s success? Why did you choose Coding Dojo over other programs?
Coding Dojo was the best choice for me because it offers a three-stack curriculum. I was unsure of my interest in a particular language or focus, so the idea that I could learn a variety of material in the program intrigued me.
How was it to prepare for bootcamp? How did you prepare for the bootcamp?
I was both nervous and excited. I took a few online beginner courses and also read an introduction to Javascript. These were extremely helpful.
Talk us through the first few weeks of the program. Which parts were your favorites? What parts were difficult?
Although the Web Fundamentals course was a lot to absorb and felt overwhelming at first, I have continued to use that knowledge in my current job and throughout the bootcamp. After a while, it becomes second nature. It’s something I love, so learning CSS was a great experience!
What were your strategies for overcoming the difficulties you faced?
Personally, the constant flow of information was my greatest challenge. I was learning so many new concepts, but I was able to stay focused and determined to succeed. I was able stay present and focused throughout the program because I had very few distractions. Make sure you get enough sleep and hydrate!
Do you have any funny stories to share about bootcamp? Make friends! Do you have fond memories?
Although the program is challenging, it is so rewarding to work alongside your classmates. My cohort was amazing – we were able to celebrate our successes and support each other through the tough days. We keep in touch via Discord group chat! I also loved the fact that we all came together from different backgrounds. I was in the program alongside a nurse, flight attendant, and a couple of professional athletes.
How did you feel about your job prospects and skills as you neared graduation?
Like starting bootcamp, I felt both anxious and excited. I felt intimidated to begin the job search. This is normal for anyone trying to break into a new profession. I was astonished at how much I had learned during the program. I felt confident in my ability and willingness to continue learning. This is a great part about Coding Dojo’s curriculum.
How did your job hunt go? How did you land a job at your current job?
My Coding Dojo Career Services Manager provided great insight throughout the process, including helping me maximize LinkedIn for interview prep. After graduating, I divided my time between applying for jobs, attending meetups, and taking additional courses. After 1.5 months, I was hired as a Full Stack developer at a company that offers point-of-sale and back office software to liquor retailers. They planned to roll out this year.

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